Training & Development

Learning and development plays a critical role in how effective your team and leaders are to your organization. Leadership training should remain a priority even as organizations face new challenges. We can help.  We now offer several of our most popular and impactful trainings online or in comprehensive training kits that you can use to facilitate your own trainings.

Our trainings are led by Griff Hall.  Griff is a nationally recognized facilitator in community leadership, an accomplished faculty member at Johns Hopkins University, and has worked with Fortune 500 executive teams, leaders in the U.S. Naval Air Command, community non-profits and small and mid-market companies.  

Workshops & Trainings

Strategy Development for Non-Profits

One of the major determinants of success in strategy development and implementation is the readiness and mindset of those charged with the responsibility. Assessment and thorough preparation are essential. This course, available online soon, will prepare the organization's leadership tasked with strategy development with a framework to build a strategic plan that can be followed and implemented successfully.

Leading People Through Conflict

Grab a seat for this engaging, high-impact, 6-module digital course. Participants learn the right tools to approach conflict with an open, inquisitive mindset, and strategies to resolve conflict constructively. Contact us to learn more about this course.

Understanding Differences Using Temperaments

Help your people work better together with this DIY Temperament Training Kit. The kit provides team leaders or human resource professionals everything they need to lead a 90-120 minutes training using temperaments to build awareness, reduce conflict, make connections, and improve work relationships.

Leadership 1.0

For supervisors and managers to understand, build, and reflect leadership best practices. The training focuses on individual leadership skill development.

Leadership 2.0

Develop high performance teams by establishing a structure and approach for valuing high performance and exceeding expectations.

Let's Talk

Designed for employees in the healthcare industry to build effective communication with patients and fellow co-workers.


A video training series to build team dynamics and make high-impact change in employees’ physical health. Click here to learn more.

Leading with Energy

An integrated approach for building healthier leadership practices, this course offers a sustainable model for energizing your own leadership.

Adaptive Leadership 3.0

The definition of leadership continues to evolve. Adaptive leadership challenges top level management to grow in their ability to mobilize their team to tackle tough challenges.

Leadership Training & Development

The path to management is no longer linear. This means that in our modern working world, people in charge of managing others come from varied backgrounds that often do not include formal management training. To support better management, our leadership trainings address proficiency challenges managers face whether they are brand new to supervisory roles or have been in the professional field for years. You can read more about our leadership training below.

Leadership development is a broader strategy to build the performance and productivity of your people. This includes efforts to build employee engagement as well as create focused strategies to develop a bench of employees who will move into leadership positions in the future.

Looking to the Future

Training is connected to the immediate position as well as future employability. Helping your people develop the skills they need now and refining and expanding their skill set for future opportunities is a solid investment. It’s motivating for employees to know their employer is invested in their growth, and that what they’re learning will be valuable to their career.

Accessible Training

How can you duplicate the same training experience to remote or shift employees or those who start after a training session is completed? Many of our trainings can be made available online to allow all employees access to leadership development.

Leading vs. Managing

All trainings distinguish the resources needed to lead versus manage. The word “manager” is a title; the label of “leader” is accessible to everyone. By teaching all of your employees — top to bottom — to lead effectively, you will develop and grow existing talent, increase engagement, and become an employer of choice.

Performance Metrics

Tailored to your goals, our creative curriculums include clear objectives, experiential learning, on-the-job practice, and measurable, key performance indicators. Our curriculum is designed to engage participants and build their capacity to lead. We specialize in using mental models to make complex ideas accessible and applicable.