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Advanced Facilitation

It was a pleasure to join community leaders from across the country for the Advanced Facilitation Seminar offered by Association of Leadership Programs. While we met virtually, we are all looking forward to in-person programming in our community leadership organizations in the near future. I want to provide a copy of the powerpoint, that can…
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Super Chicken

Lessons Learned from a Super Chicken

William Muir, an evolutionary biologist from Perdue University, created a simple experiment to better understand the productivity of chickens. He wanted to know what would make a flock of chickens more productive – an easy thing to measure as you just count the eggs. The Experiment First, he created an average flock made up of…
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31-mile kayak

Reframing Reality

Around mile 7 reality collided with ambition. The forecasts had been so wrong. My carefully planned kayak paddle down the Chesapeake Bay – from inside the Magothy River to Chesapeake Beach – would be my virtual race submission for Chattajack 2020, what was to be a 31-mile race down the Tennessee River starting from Chattanooga,…
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Right now, in regions across the country, thousands of professionals are beginning a year-long leadership journey to explore the areas in which they live and work and learn how they can invest their time and talents to build stronger communities.  This is a special time of year for me as I am honored be a…
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We Can Do It cartoon from the 50's

Yes, We Can

Advancing A Culture of Leadership During Trying Times A client was recently lamenting cuts that reduced their department by 1/3. The workload hasn’t let up and their budget is down to bare bones.  The clichés all fit: running the engine without oil, burning the candle at both ends, paddling against the current…..you can no doubt…
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Wow! cartoon from the 50's

Forward Thinking

It’s a trap to equate the idea of thinking strategically with the ability to accurately predict. Successfully navigating greater uncertainty requires thinking more deeply about how customers, clients, and consumers use what we currently provide or what we could provide to them but currently don’t.

Floor plan of a house

A New Way to Work

Call it optimism, call it growth mindset. Here’s what I’m thinking as we hunker down to limit the spread of COVID-19. My wife and business partner is a problem solver and I’m a solution seeker. We’ve got this. The last few days have certainly been different. Instead of meetings, presentations, and trainings, we have had…
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challenges for small business

Falling Off the Internet

I didn’t know falling off the internet was possible. The earth is round after all. But this week, as I was showing a friend the platform we used to build the website of our small business, I googled us, “GRIFF Strategic Leadership.” Our website did not come up, page after page, after page after page.…
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The Best Present Ever!

Imagine for a moment that $1 million dollars dropped from the sky and landed in your company’s bank account. This money is completely legal and has no strings attached. The only stipulation is that you must dedicate the entire amount to one area of your company. How could you spend the money so that it…
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Personality Assessment

Assessing Danger

I recently took a well-known personality assessment in preparation for a seminar. It’s one I’ve taken twice before and I wondered if these results would be similar. As soon as the report arrived I sent it off to my spouse, my first step in validity testing. “How accurate does this appear to you,” I asked.…
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